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Image Stabilizer working overtime. (The Canon Saga)

This is gonna be fun :)

Why does the lens IS (Image Stabilization) on the 70-200mm L f2.8 mark II doesn't stop the motors when the camera is idle? This mystery presented itself starting with the Canon R. And to be perfectly clear, this has nothing to do with continuous AF. With my dSLR cameras this was never an issue. To be clear, the motors start working when the shutter button is pressed half way and on the dSLR's the motors would stop about 2 seconds after the button has been released, but with the mirrorless cameras it doesn't matter. It keeps going, going and going… Again, back to shooting concerts and a camera on each side of me swingin' around (preferably not) and the motors are running and fighting movement. That is totally unnecessary and battery consuming. It stops when I go into the review (playback) mode. I can't seem to find a solution. Maybe it's like with the retract lens feature, burried somewhere in the system menu? But this for sure, I've gone through so many times, but with no luck. Probably a good time to ask Canon themselves. It's been some time since I wrote the previous part of this article and I was curious to see if there are any developments online regarding this fascinating issue, and turns out that there are! The only question….is it good or bad? I came across this link R5 Image-Stabilization always active with EF lens - Canon Community. The author of the post describes my point exactly and states that there is a way to turn this off WHEN YOU ARE USING AN RF LENS. Geee, thanks…. :) He says that when the EF 70-200mm lens is attached, the menu, where he previously found the solution, is now gone. He's such a champ that even mentions page 252 of the users manual of the R5 where this can be found. Sure enough, I looked it up myself, and there it is. I eagerly gallop to my camera to possibly witness a miracle happen…but nope, this ain't no fairytale and I get the same result as him. The menu option shown in the manual is nowhere to be found on my camera. Bummer. Back to square one and maybe finding the courage within thee to ask Canon directly if there even is such way, haha. Btw, I have the same issue with the 100mm L f2.8. I'm guessing this applies to all EF lenses. This gave me an idea and search for a firmware update for the lens, because maybe the solution is there. I went to Canon's website and searched for the lens, found it…and bummer again. I am greeted with a message "The firmware on your product is the latest version and no update is necessary. " How does Canon even though which product I have? It was a generic search with no lens S/N provided. So how? I guess I'm gonna start putting my canon gear (cameras, lenses, printer and scanner) in a closet because they must be watching me and reporting back to base :) All jokes aside, sad that this is still an issue. I'm happy that the R5 has gotten some good updates, but this seems like a biggy to me and if the menu exists with an RF, but not with the EF, they know about this for sure. I have to wonder what is the limitation for this to happen. Oh well, I'm too small of a part in the grand scheme of things to have the privilege to this kind of information :)

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